Our Story



As is the case all around the world, having children can create bonds between parents through the commonality of their schooling. Mum’s and Dad’s meet one another at pick up and drops off, conversations are struck and friendships are born. Much is the case with the owners of The Lord Alfred. A bond was formed between three very different men with three varied career paths. It is fair to say they share common interests, however in some areas it is equally fair to suggest that opposites must attract. Often these differences act as strengths by negating each other’s weaknesses, creating a wheel with all cogs in place.

As the relationships expanded to invitations to BBQ’s, a quick drink after work and the occasional school holiday retreat where the families merged, one trip in particular ignited a slow burning flame that would one day emerge with far more gusto when the opportunity did present itself. A group of lads sought to escape city life and experience a boy’s trip driving to the bush in a F500 to find solace at one of the men’s family’s farm; a group of universally different men who shared a similar need to be re-grounded amongst the rich red country soil located 9 hours west of Brisbane. Whilst many of the stories shall be left in the bush, there was a seed planted by three of the men who suggested if the opportunity arose, that one day, given their mutual respect, friendship and equally their differences and combined strengths, that they would trust in one another to become partners in a purchasing a pub.

The years rolled by and the BBQ’s became less frequent as the children were separated through senior schooling. As is the case the seed that was planted next to the slow burning flame would ever so slowly germinate, never to be lost but anchor its place within the minds of each of the men.

Through years of individual successes, each man continued their professional growth, gaining respect from each other more and more as the years went by. It is often said, that if you say or think something enough there is a monumental chance that it will manifest, for life is full of opportunity for those who seek, with patience for the right timing being the key.

Today that seed has shot through the soil and the regeneration of one of Brisbane and QLD’s most historic sites is underway. The walls are being stripped back, layers of flooring are being re-exposed, historic touches are being reinstated and the three level façade is being refreshed. The motivation is simple; to give back to the locals a place they can call their own, to visit, to relax and to meet.

Welcome to The Lord Alfred; your house, for our community.


Watch our video to check out the highlights from our launch party.