Photo of the Lord Alfred Ladbrokes Lounge Bar

Enjoy The Ultimate Sports Bar Experience at Ladbrokes Lounge

Attention sports aficionados and connoisseurs of fine lifestyle; the talk of the town is the Ladbrokes Lounge at the Lord Alfred Venue! Situated merely 500m from Suncorp Stadium, this opulent lounge is quickly becoming synonymous with the best sporting action, week in, week out. Quite effortlessly, it’s evolving into a preferred relaxing space after an action-filled day at the stadium.

The Lounge is where live Ladbrokes sports excitement meets upscale ambience, revitalizing your weekends, and making every game a memorable event. Step in to watch a live game on the LED screen, pop in for a pre-game nibble, or celebrate victory after a thrilling match—it’s your ultimate destination before and after the excitement at the Suncorp Stadium!

The centrepiece of the Ladbrokes Lounge is the monumental, new 7 x 2 meter LED video wall which transports you straight to the heart of the action. The extraordinary multi-view feature ensures that you never miss any of the sporting events. Also featured is a sprawling LED ticker across 16 meters displaying all your favourite races and sports events, giving you a sneak peek into a bookmaker’s world!

Adding to the viewer’s delight, the Lounge boasts a curated menu designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate, ideally enjoyed while engulfed in the high-stake energy of Ladbrokes sports viewing. The Lounge’s pulsating energy is idyllic for socialising and deliberations about crucial games and iconic moments.

The Ladbrokes Lounge isn’t merely about displaying sports brilliance. It handily turns into your ideal event-hosting space, where anything from corporate meetings, and birthday celebrations to intimate gatherings become moments worth cherishing. Dressed in chic décor and staffed with a team that prides itself in attention to detail, the Ladbrokes Lounge elevates the event-hosting experience to new heights.

Few places can claim a location as advantageous as the Ladbrokes Lounge. Merely a stone’s throw away from Suncorp Stadium, the Lounge is the perfect pit stop for a game day rendezvous – drop in for a pre-game meal and then head off to cheer your team in person.

To summarise, the Ladbrokes Lounge at the Lord Alfred Venue is more than a sports bar; it’s a refined blend of immersive sports viewing, luxury amenities, and premium event-hosting facilities. It’s where exclusivity meets thrill. Are you ready to step into the realm of elevated sports viewing and an unparalleled pre and post-game experience? Step inside the Ladbrokes Lounge, your classy corner of Caxton Street.